9/11 in Academia: Anthrax, Tom Clancy, and the Fictions of the National Security State


Full Lecture Here 9/11 in Academia: Anthrax, Tom Clancy, and the Fictions of the National Security State

TORONTO TRUTH SEEKERS handheld footage of most of the event An Evening With Professors Graeme MacQueen and Michael Keefer presenting on ‘9/11 and the Fictions of the National Security State’ hosted by Phyllis Creighton of Scientists for the Right to Know, and featuring a preview and DVD release of the award winning documentary ‘9/11 in the Academic Community’ by Adnan Zuberi

9/11 IN THE ACADEMIC COMMUNITY awarded for “Documentary Achievement” at the University of Toronto Film Festival 2012, is now available for purchase through its website: http://911inacademia.com

Dr. Graeme MacQueen, founder of McMaster University Centre for Peace Studies, presents on ‘Anthrax and the Strategy of Tension’ connecting the 2001 Anthrax attacks the framing of Bruce Ivins with the 9/11 attacks and cover-up

Dr. Michael Keefer is a past President of the Association of Canadian College and University Teachers of English, presenting on the fictions of the national security state, 9/11 and the works of Tom Clancy three days prior to the untimely passing of renowned author Tom Clancy


The “Strategy of Tension” in the Cold War Period

Journal of 9/11 Studies,  have a new article that is a revision of an important chapter from 9/11 and American Empire: Intellectuals Speak Out. Dr. Daniele Ganser revised his chapter for use as an article at the Journal. Here’s an excerpt.

“Having examined much of the data related to the 9/11 events, I am convinced a new and thorough investigation is needed. But when I have questioned the official narrative of 9/11 in my native Switzerland I have encountered vigorous objections from people. Why would any government in the world, they have asked, attack its own population or, only slightly less criminal, deliberately allow a foreign group to carry out such an attack? While brutal dictatorships, such as the regime of Pol Pot in Cambodia, are known to have had little respect for the life and dignity of their citizens, surely a Western democracy, the thinking goes, would not engage in such an abuse of power. And if criminal elements within a Western democracy, in North America or in Europe, had engaged in such a crime, would not elected officials or the media find out and report on it? Is it imaginable that criminal persons within a government could commit terrorist operations against innocent citizens, who support the very same government with the taxes they pay every year? Would nobody notice? These are difficult questions, even for academics who specialize in the history of secret warfare. But in fact, there are historical examples of such operations being implemented by Western democracies.”