In Memory of John Judge – Godfather and Pioneer of Alternative Media

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In memory…

John Judge died on Wednesday of a suspected stroke. He was described by friends and colleagues as “an intellectual giant”, a tireless worker and one of the godfathers of alternative media and research.

It is a fact that John’s life of research, public speaking and new archiving (pre-internet), was one of the cornerstones on which today’s alternative media has been built. Many of the political, and exo-political topics and concepts he articulated decades ago, like US covert wars and operations, the rise of Fascism in America, National Security State and a One World Government – have since come to full fruition, proving he was a true visionary who made it his life’s work to help inform and warn us of future obstacles to society and geopolitics. described Judge as follows:

“He grew up in the shadow of the Pentagon, the CIA, and the NSA. His parents were career civilian employees of the Pentagon; his mother was the highest paid woman employee for many years, and was five levels above top security.”

“Author of Judge for Yourself, a compendium of his research articles and lectures about covert operations, hidden history and assassinations, he co-founded the Committee for an Open Archives in 1989 to free the JFK and MLK assassination files. That organization joined with others to form the national Coalition on Political Assassinations in Washington, DC, following appointment of the JFK Assassination Records Review Board in 1994.

… promoted the release of 4 1/2 million pages of records on the JFK assassination, the largest release of classified documents to date. He continues working for a full release of the MLK records.

His research unearthed startling information concerning Jonestown, programmed asssassins, post-war international fascism, Watergate and Contragate, the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan, organized political crimes, and so-called “UFO’s”

As a writer and researcher, Judge distinguished himself as a tireless JFK conspiracy researcher, and was co-founder of 911 CitizensWatch, and co-founder of Committee for an Open Archives, Coalition on Political Assassinations (COPA), and Committee for High School Options and Information on Careers, Education and Self-Improvement (CHOICES), described as “a group countering military recruitment in the schools and providing civilian alternatives”. He also served on the board of the Washington Peace Center.

Later in his career, Judge also served as a Congressional aid to firebrand Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney from Georgia. Author Daniel McAdams knew Judge and commented in his passing, “We had the pleasure of working briefly with John while he served as Rep. Cynthia McKinney’s aide in Congress. He would occasionally come by the office and I recall being so enormously impressed by his fierce intelligence and his great courage. In a world dominated by 20-something staffers who in the main were convinced they ruled the world but whose arrogance was only matched by their ignorance, you can imagine what a treat it was when John Judge stopped by. He was a giant and he will be greatly missed.”

John Judge also collaborated with another ‘pre-internet’ researcher of note, Mae Brussell, herself dedicated to revealing the inner gangster workings of the US government and its thuggish corporate ‘friends’. It’s been said that theUS government were so afraid of Brussell that a house was built across to spy on her.

Of course, some alternative media personalities today were not in 100% agreement with some of Judge’s opinions or theories on the JFK assassination, or 9/11, but few would deny his dedication to the cause of truth and justice, as evidenced in his own sharp political activism.

McKinney’s eulogy demonstrates the measure of the man, “It is with even great sadness that I report to you the loss of my dear, dear, dear, dear friend John Judge of the 9/11 Truth Community. If ever there was a loyal friend to me, it was John Judge.

Judge for JFK 2013 Anniversary (Photo by Melissa Golden for The Wall Street Journal)



Remembering Mike Ruppert—and John Judge

By Wayne Madsen

(WMR)—Michael Ruppert and his book “Crossing the Rubicon” and his website “From the Wilderness” were among the few sources of independent thought in the months following the 9/11 attacks. I use “attacks” because this time period not only saw the aerial attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon but also the anthrax attacks on Congress, the U.S. Postal System, and the news media, as well as sniper shootings of people in the metropolitan Washington region. It was during these truly dark days in America and the nation’s capital that this editor wrote for Mike’s “FTW.” And it was “FTW” that, in part, inspired me to start “WMR.” Ruppert demonstrated the absolute need for independent media on the web.

Sadly, Ruppert committed suicide, reportedly using a gun, on the evening of April 13. He had just signed off on his radio show “The Lifeboat Hour.” Ruppert, the son of parents who worked for the CIA, was a Los Angeles Police Department detective who verbally jousted with CIA director John Deutch during a 1995 town hall meeting in south central Los Angeles. Deutch was in Los Angeles to deny that the CIA had imported cocaine into the neighborhood. Ruppert told Deutch that he personally witnessed CIA involvement in importing drugs into largely African-American neighborhoods in the city. The CIA-drug allegations had first been exposed by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Gary Webb in his book, “Dark Alliance.” Webb allegedly shot himself to death in 2004.

In 2005, I joined Mike and former CIA officer Ray McGovern as a questioner on a 9/11 Investigatory panel in Congress that was organized by Representative Cynthia McKinney (D-GA). The panel’s coordinator, John Judge, introduced witnesses and various panels during the hearing, which was televised by C-SPAN. Recent times have not been kind to those involved with trying to get out the truth about 9/11 in 2005. Judge died at the Washington Center for Aging Services on the evening of April 15. He had a stroke a month ago and was hospitalized at George Washington University hospital before being moved to the aging services center. John will also be sorely missed as a tireless campaigner for the truth about events ranging from the JFK assassination and the Jonestown “mass suicide” to the RFK and MLK assassinations and 9/11.

I did not agree with Mike on everything. Early on, I was a skeptic about “peak oil.” That was until I covered the Deepwater Horizon disaster on the Gulf coast. I also disagreed with Mike on the circumstances surrounding Gary Webb’s death. I had been in email contact with Webb shortly before his death and we were investigating the same company albeit for different reasons. I did not detect any deep depression with Webb. Mike concluded that Webb had, in fact, shot himself (twice at it turned out). I believed and still believe that Webb was murdered. Our late colleague John Judge also believed that Webb was murdered.

Some in the media are now gladly “grave dancing” on the news of Ruppert’s suicide. Chief among them is Raw Story, whose editor, Tony Ortega, recently launched a broadside against this editor over reporting on growing Scientologist influence in the governments of Ukraine and Slovakia; reports that were confirmed by independent media sources in eastern Europe. Not only did Raw Story reporter Travis Gettys identify Ruppert as a “9/11 truther” and “conspiracy theorist” but also recycled a 2002 quote from columnist David Corn that condemned Ruppert. Corn wrote about Ruppert’s questioning the official line about 9/11: “Conspiracy theories may seem more nuisance than problem . . . But they do compete with reality for attention. There is plenty to be outraged over without becoming obsessed with X Files-like nonsense.”

Constant attacks from the likes of Raw Story, The Daily Beast, Corn and his employers Mother Jones and MSNBC, and people like Cass Sunstein (who favors taxing “conspiracy theorists” or silencing them through censorship) can eat away at anyone who is trying to expose the truth.

The last time I saw Mike was at the 2011 conference in New York commemorating the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. I was aware that Mike had suffered from a series of financial and personal problems and noticed that he had undergone a change in lifestyle and his overall demeanor was somehow different.

Regardless, Mike stepped up the plate in the aftermath of 9/11 and used the rights of a free press and free speech to cut through the jingoism, militarism, and xenophobia that pervaded post-9/11 America.

Raw Story and its ilk are now carrying out the orders issued by Sunstein and being implemented around the world by his wretched warmongering wife, Samantha Power, in her post as American ambassador to the UN. Those orders are to attack anyone and anything contradicting the propaganda from the U.S. government as “conspiracy theorists” and “unsubstantiated conspiracy propaganda.”

Whatever personal demons plagued Mike and convinced him to take his own life, he will always be remembered as a tireless crusader for the truth and I will truly miss him as a friend, colleague, and fellow journalist.

As for those who are dancing on Mike’s grave (and will inevitably do so also with John) and are tossing around the “truther” and “conspiracy theorist” pejoratives, they can go to hell—the hell where they and their like-minded swamp rats truly belong.

As for those, who through grief or other reasons, are speculating that Ruppert and Judge fell victim to some sinister plot, they need to pull themselves together. Sometimes people do commit suicide and others die from natural causes.

Previously published in the Wayne Madsen Report.

Copyright © 2014

Wayne Madsen is a Washington, DC-based investigative journalist and nationally-distributed columnist. He is the editor and publisher of the Wayne Madsen Report (subscription required).
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Dr. Meryl Nass Exposes the Anthrax Cover Up

19 Apr 2014
Interview 864 – Dr. Meryl Nass Exposes the Anthrax Cover Up


In this blockbuster interview, Dr. Meryl Nass of joins us to break down the FBI’s attempt to pin the blame for the 2001 anthrax attack on Dr. Bruce Ivins. We go through the FBI’s case against Ivins and dissect it point by point, looking at the inconsistencies, omissions and misconceptions that have allowed the Bureau to sweep this incident under the rug in recent years.


FBI files on the “Amerithrax” investigation

Review of the Scientific Approaches Used During the FBI’s Investigation of the 2001 Anthrax Letters

ProPublica “Anthrax Files” archive

House votes for independent anthrax investigation, provision removed from bill

Early investigative piece by Dr. Nass on the case in February 2002

Judith Miller exposes Pentagon anthrax production research one week before 9/11

Researchers Find Flaws in NIST’s WTC7 Theory


April 10, 2014

The Destruction of WTC7 on 9/11

For many years the destruction of World Trade Center Building 7 (WTC7), a 47-storey skyscraper that came down on the afternoon of 9/11 in a manner highly suggestive of a controlled demolition, was regarded as a mystery. This fact is well documented in David Ray Griffin’s book, “The Mysterious Collapse of World Trade Center 7” (Olive Branch Press, 2010). The building was not hit by a plane. While a government investigation of this event was in process, many independent researchers concluded that WTC7 had been brought down by explosives in a controlled demolition.

After a number of false starts, the official explanation of this event, developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), attributed the “collapse” to small office fires. These fires allegedly led to the thermal expansion of beams that moved a girder off its seat and to the structural failure of a key supporting column. This theory has been vigorously challenged by independent researchers, most recently by those affiliated with Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth. The discovery of a significant error, and the omission by NIST in its reports of key structural features of the building, recently led noted attorney, William F. Pepper to write a letter to Todd J. Zinser, Office of the Inspector General (OIG), U.S. Department of Commerce to seek resolution.

William F. Pepper

William F. Pepper

The conclusion by independent scientists and engineers that WTC7’s destruction was a controlled demolition is supported by a large amount of physical, eyewitness, and other evidence. Most notably, the sudden onset of collapse was followed by a period in which the building fell over 100 feet in free fall. This was shown by Scientists’ member David S. Chandler and presented during the public comment period, forcing the government scientists to back down on their claim that no physical laws were violated by their theory. For more information on WTC7 and controlled demolition, see Evidence for WTC7 Ignored or Unexplained By NIST on this site and the article Freefall and Building 7 on 9/11 by David Chandler.

NIST’s Theory for WTC7

NIST’s theory for WTC 7, as set forth in the NIST report NCSTAR 1-9, is that a critical girder (A2001) was moved off its seats by thermally expanding beams. This girder supported the 13th floor in the northeast corner of the building between exterior column 44 and corner core column 79. According to NIST, this girder failure led to the collapse of eight floors in the area supported by the girder down to the 5th floor, leaving column 79 laterally unsupported for nine stories. As a consequence column 79 buckled, leading to a collapse that progressed from north to south on the interior east side, followed by an east to west collapse of the interior and the subsequent buckling of the now laterally-unsupported exterior columns.

Recent Findings by Independent Researchers and Engineers

Researchers who examined NIST’s WTC7 theory had, for many years, no detailed information about the building or NIST’s computer model of the collapse mechanism. In 2011, however, a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request by Ronald H. Brookman, a structural engineer affiliated with Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, resulted in the release by NIST of a large number of structural, erection, and shop fabrication drawings for the steel frame of the building. Independent examination of these drawings has led to the discovery of significant errors of fact and omission by NIST in its final report on WTC7. This work was carried out over a two year period by an international group of engineers and researchers affiliated with Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. This group includes Ronald Brookman, David Cole, Tony Szamboti and others. See the article by Dennis P. McMahon, Esq for more information.

Ronald H. Brookman

Ronald H. Brookman
Structural Engineer

During the past two years, the following error and two omissions came to light. The NIST report:

  • gave an incorrect value for the width of the seat for girder A2001 at column 79
  • failed to mention stiffeners that provided support for girder A2001
  • failed to mention lateral support beams which supported beam G3005 (connected to girder A2001) which allegedly buckled.

You can see here engineering drawings with the stiffener plates added as well as other views of girder A2001’s connection to column 79.

The locations of the preceding structural elements can be seen in figure 1 in William Pepper’s letter to Todd J. Zinser. Pepper states that the opinion of independent structural engineers is that, if included, the combined effect of this error and omissions by NIST is to “unambiguously” rule out NIST’s “probable collapse sequence.”

Attorney Pepper ends his letter by calling on Todd Zinser, OIG, to open an investigation into potential negligence and misconduct by the NIST investigators of WTC7, and raises the possibility of legal action should this request be rejected. At the same time, Pepper suggests that Zinser and NIST officials meet with a repesentative group of structural engineers who have studied the flaws in NIST’s analysis. Thusfar, the only response of the OIG has been to refer the matter back to NIST.

For those wishing to examine the recent WTC7 work in more detail, the following timeline provides links to documents that describe the research and actions over the past few years leading to Pepper’s letter.

Timeline of Recent WTC7 Research

November 2008: NIST NCSTAR 1-9, NIST’s final WTC7 report is released. The structural, erection, and shop fabrication drawings for the steel frame of the building were not publicly released.

Late 2011: FOIA requests are made by Ronald H. Brookman, S.E. for drawings and calculations for WTC7 by Cantor (FOIA 11-209 on 08/17/2011) and fabrication and erection drawings for WTC7 by Frankel Steel Ltd (FOIA 12-009 on 10/15/2011). These requests were filled on 09/20/2011 (drawings, but no calculations) and 11/23/2011 respectively.

Late 2011: Drawings are released. In early 2012, independent researchers find an error and omissions of structural features in the NIST report:

  • seat length dimension for girder A2001 at column 79 is wrong – 12 inches NOT 11 inches
  • stiffeners for critical girder A2001 omitted
  • lateral support beams omitted for beam G3005 (connected to girder A2001) that allegedly buckled.

This error and the omissions, according to independent researchers and engineers, rule out NIST’s probable collapse sequence.

March 19, 2012: A FOIA request to NIST is made by structural engineer Ronald H. Brookman, S.E. about seat length and stiffeners for girder A2001 and lateral support beams for beam G3005. This request was not assigned a FOIA log number, and it was not processed through the NIST FOIA office due to the lack of written documentation available. Instead it was forwarded to the NIST Engineering Lab for a response.

June 27, 2012: A NIST Erratum corrects the seat length for girder A2001 at column 79 to 12 inches and gives a new lateral walk-off travel distance of 6.25 inches. NIST makes no mention of the omitted stiffeners and lateral support beams asked about in the March 19 letter.

On 06/27/2012 Brookman was informed by NIST (Therese McAllister, NIST WTC INvestigation Team) that, in response to his March 19, 2012 request, NIST had prepared two Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). These can be found at Questions and Answers about the NIST WTC 7 Investigation and Updated Errata File. NIST pointed Brookman to its responses in answers 34 and 35 in the first of these FAQs, but failed to address Brookman’s questions 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, and 10 from his March 19, 2012 letter.

October, 2012: A Discussion Paper by Ronald Brookman, published in the Journal of 9/11 Studies, discusses NIST’s analysis of the alleged structural failures leading to the collapse of WTC7. Brookman discusses the evidence for the existence of shear studs on girder A2001 that provided composite action with the concrete floor slab, the actual 12 inch length of the girder seat, and the existence of stiffeners omitted from NIST’s analysis. Brookman also filed a formal complaint with the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Committee on Professional Conduct (CPC). The ASCE refused to publish Brookman’s Discussion paper, and the CPC dismissed the complaint with no action on September 16, 2013

October 25, 2013: Michael Newman, a NIST public relations person, responds to inquiries made by David Cole on 26 July, 24 September, and 19 October, 2013:

  • NIST admits that the stiffeners for girder A2001 were omitted but says they “did not need to be included.”
  • NIST did not address the omission of lateral support beams for beam G3005.

In NIST’s final report, the number of figures that utilized Frankel drawing 9114 (showing the stiffeners) was actually seven, not five, as originally ascertained by David Cole from the draft report. According to NIST: “The web stiffeners shown at the end of the girder in Frankel drawing #9114 prevent web crippling. The structural analyses of WTC 7 did not show any web crippling failures. Therefore, the web crippling plates did not need to be included in the models/analyses.”

According to Ronald Brookman, S.E. (private communication), “… the reason given by Dr. Therese McAllister in NCSTAR 1-9 for the failure of girder A2001 at column 79 makes no sense considering the presence of bearing stiffeners welded to the flange and web and clearly shown on Frankel Steel drawing 9114.” “A loss of vertical support for the critical girder and its tributary floor area was assumed based on the pretense of a bottom-flange flexural failure even though the flange was stiffened to prevent such a failure.”

December 12, 2013: William Pepper writes a letter to Todd Zinser, OIG, US Dept of Commerce.

January 14, 2014: The OIG, US Dept of Commerce, responds to Pepper.

John Judge RIP
The Loss of John Judge Hits Hard

By davidswanson – Posted on 16 April 2014

Our society has lost a great activist today with the death of John Judge. No one spoke more clearly, strongly, and informedly on political power, militarism, and activism for positive change. While John lived nextdoor to Dennis Kucinich — and with one of the best views and one of the best collections of political books and documents — in Washington, D.C., it was as staff person for Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney that he advanced numerous causes of peace and justice and accountability for the powerful on Capitol Hill. On impeaching Bush and Cheney he was there first. John’s expertise reached back into history and across continents. From the Kennedy assassination to conscientious objection to how-a-bill-becomes-a-law, he was a person to turn to for information and wisdom who was never anything but helpful, friendly, cheerful, and energetic. He could describe the hiring of Nazis in Operation Paperclip and the creation of the Cold War and then suggest that perhaps the Nazis actually won World War II. He could explain the creation of standing armies in such a manner that you knew without a doubt that either our society was insane or you were. He could get you thinking and get you active. And always with complete humility and good will. He will be missed.

Michael C. Ruppert, Feb. 3 1951 – April 13 2014


Sadly, one of the great warriors of the truth movement (not just 9/11) has passed away from an alleged self inflicted gunshot wound. From his website website…

I have been informed that MCR has committed suicide. I am devastated, and very, very sad…

We’ll report more as information becomes available.


MCR was my friend, my client (I was his attorney) and business partner in CollapseNet. We will gather and report THE FACTS about MCR’s death, and nothing else. On my honor, the truth of MCR’s death WILL BE TOLD, and his memory will be honored.

Media inquiries should come right here, to me, via

Rest In Peace Mike. I am so sorry that you are gone. You fought the greatest of fights, you opened thousands of eyes and you have earned your place in history, and in our hearts.

Much more to come…

Wesley T. Miller

Ukraine: We All Get the Tyranny We Deserve

Ukraine: We All Get the Tyranny We Deserve
By Russ Baker on Mar 5, 2014

Ukraine: This place feels familiar. I’ve been here before.

Or maybe it just reminds me of another place. Was it Iran, 1953? Guatemala, 1954? Was it Congo, 1961? Chile, 1973? Maybe it was Iraq, 1990. Or Iraq, 2003. Or Libya, 2011. Or Syria, 2013. Or Vietnam. Or…..

Something seems so very déjà vu. Some regime that is not sufficiently open to the embrace of “Western love” and then there are mobs and then the US government and the UK government and their allies suddenly see the need to “do the right thing” and help the public rid themselves of a corrupt ruler and enjoy vibrant, sunshiny democracy. (No matter that this man was actually elected.)


The problem is, you can only believe that the West truly cares about the people of Ukraine and their democracy if you have zero historical memory. Or if your analysis of all of these events comes from news organizations that don’t ever really, fully do their jobs.

The US corporate media never changes its spots. After being tricked and lied to on Vietnam, the first Gulf War, the Iraq invasion, Libya, Syria, and just about everything else, it once again takes the US foreign policy establishment at its word that it only wishes to do the right thing. The right thing. It bears repeating.

We’re told that the U.S. and its allies are just thrilled about people going into the streets to overthrow corruption and excesses by financial elites.

Yet, when people tried that in….the U.S.…the police were there in force to shut them down. Occupy looked a bit like the Ukrainian uprising, except that the US establishment was desperate to crush it. (For the ultimate in this, see our exclusive report on a suppressed FBI investigation into plans to use high-powered snipers to kill Occupy leaders….no, this is not a joke.)

Also, as with Iraq (Saddam), Libya (Qaddafi), Syria (Assad), etc., the West has a long history of getting rid of leaders who exhibit any streak of independence. Their dislikability is not the issue. The West has shown it doesn’t mind tyrants at all—provided they are our tyrants. It left those above-mentioned fellows alone, it did business with them….until it decided not to. Meanwhile, there are the charming rulers of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the Gulf mini-monarchies and the like. (Here’s a nifty list of dictators the U.S. especially loved.)

In the case of Ukraine, one thing is clear: awful guy #1 (Yanukovych) was made a better offer for rescuing his plummeting economy by awful guy #2 (Putin) than by the West (awful guys #3-10). So he did what he had to. He took the better deal. Plenty of people in his country have objected to his turning to Moscow, for a lot of different, self-interested reasons. But one could argue that he made a prudent decision. One could also note that it’s not unheard of that smaller countries try to maintain close and friendly relations with a more powerful and aggressive nation next door (Canada and Mexico, anyone?)

A Stand Against Corruption?

One of the more popular media themes has been the blatant corruption of the Ukrainian leader. But before we trash Yanukovych for “enriching himself,” take a look at the splendor in which the American president resides, and look at how comfortably our Bushes and our Clintons live after leaving the White House. Everybody benefits from the endemic corruption of the global system….except for the people whose labors actually sustain it.

Recently, the debate about Ukraine has begun to move on to whether the opposition to Yanukovych is driven by civilized people or dangerous neo-Nazis and fascists. The problem with this debate is that, even in a best case scenario, with a clean slate of rosy-cheeked “reformers” in place, you’ll have a new government that must turn to the West, further isolating Russia and goading Putin to lash out.

And then there’s this little thing: everything, pretty much, is about money. And not just Yanukovych’s hankering for the finest gold toilet fixtures. The battle with Russia, like coming battles with China, and like just about every intervention in the Middle East and elsewhere, is for control of energy supplies—the greatest source of wealth in the history of the world.

It’s worth noting that the Middle East is not the next big thing when it comes to energy supplies. The former Soviet Union is. And after that, it’s the Arctic—where guess who is the West’s biggest competitor? Why, Russia.

Who blocked the impending coalition invasion of Syria? A wily Vladimir Putin.

So you can recognize Putin for what he is—another egomaniacal tyrant —and still recognize that he provides an essential balance to what would otherwise be an unchallenged superpower hegemony.

If Putin and Russia continue to be surrounded and marginalized, the world will become ever more hostage to the whims of the Wolves-of-Wall-Street class that drives the energy industry, which in turn drives the policies of the White House, Downing Street and other similar addresses.

Ultimately, it is us, the citizens of the West, who lose big. In allowing uncontested victories by this unelected alliance operating putatively on our behalf, we the people marginalize our own interests. We also ensure that we ourselves never break free of our own political corruption—and remain unable to inaugurate our own real, functioning democracy.

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