The most frequently used words on television

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The most frequently used words on television

by Jon Rappoport

July 1, 2013

Propaganda is the art of selling people a reality they would never choose on their own.

One of the profound and simple tricks of propaganda is selling people what they already have.

However, if they don’t know they already have it, if they don’t realize the sale is unnecessary, they won’t recognize the sleight-of-hand operation.

And the payoff is, they’ll accept a synthetic substitute for the real thing.

If a person really doesn’t understand he has freedom, he may, for example, buy the idea that freedom means serving others.

No. Freedom and serving others are two different things.

And there are all sorts of ways freedom can be packaged and sold that add up to slavery.

In the only study I’ve been able to find, Wictionary surveys the scripts of all television shows in the year…

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