The covert op to destroy the word “freedom”

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The covert op to destroy the word “freedom”

By Jon Rappoport

June 5, 2013

These days, “freedom” mainly refers to fairy-tale mass movements.

We’re supposed to believe it happens this way: A bunch of students sitting in a cafe suddenly go to their cell phones, pop over to Facebook, and say, “Hey, wanna be free?” And a Republic is born. Poof.

The evil dictator grabs a suitcase full of gold bars, wires half a billion dollars from the State treasury to his private account, makes a dash for the airport, and flees to Paris.

In the other popular version, rugged freedom fighters emerge from the forest with copies of John Locke tucked in their luggage, storm the capitol, engage the national police, and after a prolonged battle, pin a copy of the Bill of Rights on the dictator’s riddled corpse.

Or something like that.

But even in the preposterous…

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