Steve Pieczenik on Poppy and Jr Bush

George H. W. Bush Sr. Book Recalls Frustration at Son’s Critics: “I’m An Angry Old Man Hurting For My Son!”
 “Poppy”: Please Take it Easy on Yourself and Others.
Some advice from an Ex-Deputy Assistant Secretary of State who worked for you and Reagan….
Think of yourself, BUSH SR or Poppy,  as the new“American Ivan Turgenev” writing the Russian Masterpiece Fathers and Sons!
In a recent Huff Post blog,  I read with great concern how my former boss and POTUS Exemplar—discrete, wise, effective, broke out into an eruption, ranting that his son, George Bush Jr, was in effect ‘unfairly criticized’ for his failure in acting more promptly or effectively in the FEMA catastrophe,  we now know as “The Hurricane Katrina Disaster”.
  Now I am not a fan of Bush Jr especially when I compare him to his brother Governor Jeb Bush.  However, the real issue for Poppy is not how bad his son was as POTUS  but rather could he, Poppy, have stopped his son from committing such unconscionable atrocities?! 
–Disseminating false intelligence  WMD.
–Initiating illegal war in Iraq and creating a faked “war on terrorism”
–Taking away American Freedoms and Civil Rights with the falsely named “Patriot’s Act”
–Compromising US Intel agents (military and civilians) at home and abroad
–Sending five thousand troops to their deaths
— Recklessly spending billions of tax payer dollars on a force structure a la Rumsfled/Cheney that was outmoded and self defeating
–creating a deficit economy and precipitating a financial crisis.
 I am sure my readers can add much more to the list of disasters that summarize Bush Jr’s terms in office ….
But what is “Poppy” really upset about ? 
  In my humble opinion, having worked with Bush Administration and knowing his WASP style of modesty, and non-criticism,  I suspect that Poppy is really upset with himself for having allowed thenefarious Karl Rove, the GOEBBELS of the REPUBLICAN PARTY and his neocon associates to draft Bush Jr into a CABAL with the most evil, slick of vice presidents, Dick Cheney.
I have known about Cheney and Rumsfeld since the days when I worked for Nixon, who had his own problems.   But there was one message that was clear at that time, under Bush Sr’s instructions , WE IN THE REAGAN AND BUSH SR ADMINISTRATION WERE TO RID OURSELVES AND THE ADMINSTRATION of all IDEALOGICAL REPUBLICANS —-and especially CHENEY AND RUMSFELD in particular.
  And those who worked for SecState, James Baker, did exactly that.   In fact, the most honorable member of the BUSH SR WH staff was none other than General Brent Scowcroft,  a great man and a great military officer and btw anoutstanding MORMON.
  But when Brent criticized Bush Jr for his ILLEGAL activities, BUSH JR said ”KEEP QUIET OLD MAN”.
When BUSH JR was asked by the media did he ever consult BUSH SR,  JR replied arrogantly,  “I consult the father above!” Namely Jesus!  [Who by the way for all of HIS great MESSIANIC VIRTUES as a prophet never initiated a war or ended HABEAS CORPUS].
  So , who is really to blame for the errant son—The American Public?? — I DON’T THINK SO!!
 I strongly suggest that Bush Sr read the great Russian Masterpiece of Ivan Turgenev , calledFathers and Sons  in which he examines the CONFLICT BETWEEN the OLDER GENERATION ,  reluctant to accept reforms, and the NIHILISTIC YOUTH , portrayed by Eugene Bazarov, considered to be the  “FIRST BOLSHEVIK” in Russian History.
  No one single POTUS has been AS NIHILISTIC in attitude- “You are either with me or against me!”—nor as nor as nihilistic in action “We have successfully accomplished our task” (failed war with thousands of American soldiers dead or damaged)
In short, Poppy, your son was not a good natured incompetent that was unfairly judged, he was a complete disaster!
  Now Poppy, here is a psychiatric advice.
  When you externalize your anger and pain , it means that you have been feeling very guilty for having let GEORGIE BOY become POTUS instead of the proper Bush candidate (Jeb).
In Fathers and Sons , Turgenev described  a six year period of time during which there was social ferment, Russia’s bloody, costly defeat in the Crimean War and finally the emancipation of the serfs. [read American people post Bush].
In other words, Poppy, you wrote the wrong book and criticized the wrong people.  You are the Tragic Turgenev of our times.   But instead of a novel, you produced a monstrosity of a president and his coterie that destroyed the prestigious Bush-Prescott name.
  In reaction to your own mistakes Poppy,  Jeb now had to go around and KOW TOW TO THE CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICANS once again—MISTAKENLY—to rectify the Bush legacy.
  Jeb should eschew these people who brought our country, our citizens and the world to the brink of financial and military disaster.   May I suggest that JEB who had been a competent governor uses his formidable intellect and experience and TAKE OVER DETROIT!  Turn it around in two years, and once again show what a TRUE BLUE AMERICAN NON-IDEOLOGICAL BUSH –PRESCOTT CAN DO.
  Remember POPPY it was you who quietly took down the Soviet Union and allowed REAGAN to take all the credit.   It was you Poppy with SecState Baker and the Assistant SecState for Africa, Ambassador Chester Crocker, who helped to take down APARTHEID and worked with the ANC and the Afrikaners.  It was you POPPY with Baker and Zoelleck who took down EAST GERMANY and integrated it with West Germany.  You never boasted about your many successes.
  So what’s the problem here?
It’s a new world, Poppy. You and I don’t belong to it. It’s a world of ideology and sociopathy, it’s a world of divisiveness and contention.
  So Poppy, let’s not get too upset.  What we hate the most is not really outside of ourselves but WITHIN OURSELVES. 
  Be gentle with yourself.   You deserve a long and quiet rest.  Think again about the NorthEast establishment and what your mother once said to you,  “Never brag about yourself!  Be grateful that you have the chance to accomplish all you have done”  Take solace in the waspy culture in which you brought up your sons, discretion is the better part of valor.”
Yes, your son was a disaster and yes, maybe you made some wrong choices when it came to your sons but let’s quit with the books and the mea culpas from you and your family….Remember“Silence is Golden!”