9/11 Truth Author Philip Marshall and his family murdered.

A 6 Feb 2013 report in the Santa Barbara Review discusses the slaying of a 9/11 author Philip Marshal and his two children Alex and Macaila in their home in the “gated community of Forest Meadows”, California, east of Sacramento. I have been through this area several times as my Brother-in-Law lived in nearby Pollock Pines.

Philip was just completing his book, “The Big Bamboozle: 9/11 and the War on Terror.”

I wonder if the 9/11 Truth Community can help this brave man’s family — do any of us know him? We can also encourage a thorough investigation and fair reporting of the man’s death. He was an outspoken member of our world-wide truth-seeking community. The photo in the article shows two beautiful youth with their father Philip.

[quote] Phillip Marshall Wrote About a Conspiracy; Was He the Victim of One?
By Editor on February 6, 2013 in News

A Santa Barbara View Exclusive Report

Former airline pilot Phillip (alternately, “Philip”) Marshall spent a great deal of time around Santa Barbara last year preparing for the release of his controversial 9/11 conspiracy book “The Big Bamboozle: 9/11 and the War on Terror.”

During the editing and pre-marketing process of Marshall’s book, he expressed some degree of paranoia because the nonfiction work accused the George W. Bush administration of being in cahoots with the Saudi intelligence community in training the hijackers who died in the planes used in the attacks.

“Think about this,” Marshall said last year in a written statement, “The official version about some ghost (Osama bin Laden) in some cave on the other side of the world defeating our entire military establishment on U.S. soil is absolutely preposterous.”

Marshall went on to say: “The true reason the attack was successful is because of an inside military stand-down and a coordinated training operation that prepared the hijackers to fly heavy commercial airliners. We have dozens of FBI documents to prove that this flight training was conducted California, Florida and Arizona in the 18 months leading up to the attack.”

The veteran pilot confided that he was concerned about his 10-year, independent 9/11 study and most recent book since they pointed to the Saudis and the Bush intelligence community as the executioners of the attack that defeated all U.S. military defenses on Sept. 11, 2001. Marshall said he knew his book might cause some people to take issue with him.

Slaying victims Alex and Macaila Marshall with their father, Phillip Marshall.

However, could last weekend’s killings in the remote, gated community of Forest Meadows outside the tiny town of Murphys be another conspiracy? Although sheriff’s investigators don’t know the motive, they reported that the killings as a double murder and suicide. Marshall was found in his home’s doorway in a pool of blood with a 9mm Glock pistol that he had just showed to a friend two weeks ago.

The Calaveras County coroner is having a toxicology report performed on the blood of Marshall and his children to determine if any drugs are present in their blood streams, which is standard procedure in cases like this. Reports from the county sheriff indicate the children were sleeping when shot. The coroner said Macaila Marshall, 14, and Alex Marshall, 17, were lying 6 feet from each other on separate parts of a large U-shaped sectional couch.

When asked whether it was possible the children were drugged, the coroner said he couldn’t say yet. “That’s a good question,” he said in published reports. “We will be checking tox on everybody. It did appear as though they were sleeping.” The toxicology results and pathologist’s report could be completed within three weeks.

“Cause of death is all going to be single gunshot wound to the head for everybody,” the coroner said. The family dog also was found dead from a gunshot in a bedroom.

Calaveras County officials said conspiracy theories about the deaths are growing on online comment forums below stories about the incident. Many of these stem from Marshall’s involvement with the CIA as a contract pilot in the 1980s and the books he wrote about 9/11.

The children’s mother, Sean Marshall, was traveling on business in Turkey at the time of the killings. The coroner said she is expected to arrive in the area soon to make funeral arrangements.

2008 crime reports indicate friction between Marshall and his spouse. Phillip Marshall was jailed briefly on suspicion of slapping Sean Marshall’s sister, but he was not prosecuted. Last year, Marshall told one of his book editors that he still was disputing custody of his children with his ex-wife, but gladly attended his son’s football games and was quite close with daughter.

However, at that time Marshall was heavily involved with publishing what became his last book.

“After an exhaustive 10-year study of this lethal attack that used Boeing airliners filled with passengers and fellow crew members as guided missiles, I am 100 percent convinced that a covert team of Saudi intelligence agents was the source of logistical, financial and tactical resources that directed essential flight training to the 9/11 hijackers for 18 months before the attack,” Marshall wrote. “This conclusion was determined six years ago and all subsequent evidence has only served to confirm this conclusion.”

On March 1, two former U.S. senators, who headed separate 9/11 federal investigations, also raised the possibility of Saudi involvement in the attacks that killed 3,000 people and spurred the global War on Terror. In sworn statements that seem likely to reignite the debate, former senators Bob Graham and Bob Kerrey, who saw top-secret information on the Saudis’ activities, said they believe that the Saudi government played a direct role in the terrorist attacks.

“I am convinced that there was a direct line between at least some of the terrorists who carried out the Sept. 11 attacks and the government of Saudi Arabia,” former Senator Bob Graham said in an affidavit filed as part of a lawsuit brought against the Saudi government and dozens of institutions in the country by families of 9/11 victims and others. Graham headed a 2002 joint congressional inquiry into the attacks and has claimed he was muzzled into silence about his committee’s findings in 2002 by former Vice President Dick Cheney and other top members of the Bush intelligence community.

In his own sworn affidavit, Kerrey said “significant questions remain unanswered” about the role of Saudi institutions. “Evidence relating to the plausible involvement of possible Saudi government agents in the (9/11) attacks has never been fully pursued,” Kerrey said in a March 1, 2012, New York Times article.

The affidavits, which were filed Feb. 24, are part of a multi-billion-dollar lawsuit going through federal courts since 2002. An appellate court, reversing an earlier decision, said in November that foreign nations were not immune to lawsuits under certain terrorism claims, clearing the way for parts of the Saudi case to be reheard in U.S. District Court in Manhattan.

Last year, Marshall spoke on the national radio broadcast AM Coast to Coast. He said the entire 9/11 episode was “a political stunt to favor the American shadow government that is currently doing business as the U.S. intelligence community.”

Marshall on Coast to Coast am
Feb. 2012
Sep. 2012

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3 thoughts on “9/11 Truth Author Philip Marshall and his family murdered.

  1. This is a horrible episode, and at the same time, bizarre. The report here in the “Santa Barbara View”, as quoted by Dr. Jones above is the only article on this incident which contains an element of “fair and balanced”. All the others have taken the (sadly predictable) stance of judge, jury and executioner, and have baldly pronounced Marshall as the “crazed guy who killed his kids”. Why would the media release such hearsay material when ZERO forensic or ballistic evidence has yet been released? One guess: Marshall was a 9/11 questioner/researcher, and the mainstream media has a 11.5 year track record of trashing the reputation of anyone who questions the authorities on 9/11. Facts be damned, science be damned and truth be damned in this ignominious era of Bush-Obama.

    It is 100% clear, to his numerous friends and acquaintances, everyone who worked with him professionally, and everyone who interviewed him, that Marshall was a popular, very solid and dependable character. Marshall was NOT sick, NOT bipolar, he had NO mental illness, and was NOT violent. He was a devoted father and absolutely adored his two beautiful kids. He would even cancel or postpone important business meetings in L.A. to drive 100s of miles to the Sacramento area to be with his son when he played Little League games. There was a minor domestic dispute a few years ago when he allegedly “slapped his wife’s sister” – but this is only hearsay, and no charges were ever filed. At the time of his death he was on “very good terms” with his ex-wife and they were even doing business together.

    Marshall was an airline captain for 20 years with major carriers, a brilliant airman. His fellow copilots have praised him as the best man to have in the left seat, with the training, calmness, dependability and discipline required in a crisis. He flew seven types of Boeings, from 727s to 767s. At the time of his death he was consulting for the airlines, screening pilots for inappropriate behavior (excess drinking etc). This was very well paid and highly responsible work. He did NOT have financial problems – he was really quite well off. According to those who had been in close contact with him right up until his death, he was happy, he loved life, and was his usual jovial self. He was NOT depressed, (as some who did not know him) have alleged. His friends, neighbors and colleagues have universally said that he was a great guy, an upstanding member of the community and a good neighbor. To accuse him of carrying a cold blooded, execution style double murder-suicide is 100% out of pattern with his character.

    The neighborhood’s topography is such that the sharp sound of a tee shot on the local golf course carries a long distance in calm weather, and weather conditions when the shooting happened were calm. Four gunshots with a Glock in calm weather would have been heard all over the neighborhood – there are many houses within earshot – and at the time of this writing, not a single person has yet reported anything during the time span when the shooting happened, ie between Thursday January 31 and Saturday, February 2. There is a likelihood is that the gun was fitted with a silencer/suppressor (which are illegal in California) and since all the killings were a single bullet to the head – execution style – logic suggests that this was a hit. His dog was also executed, perhaps to prevent its barking raising the alarm. The killing of the dog raises other questions – the dog knew his master (Marshall) but it would not have known the killer(s). A stranger who was not acquainted with the dog would have likely caused a commotion – a barking frenzy.

    It is worth mentioning that in the 1980s while Marshall was a young man in his 20s, he worked alongside some exceptionally unsavory characters – as the private pilot for CIA drug runner Barry Seal during the period when the agency was importing massive quantities of cocaine from S. and Central America for distribution (as crack) in America’s inner cities. Iran Contra terror kingpin Col. Oliver North was a major player in this national debacle. Investigative journalist Gary Webb exposed the scandal in the San Jose Mercury, and also paid for his public service with his life by being shot twice in the head, also execution style. On this occasion as well, his execution was reported as a “suicide” (two shots to the head?)……. ?/!! Back then, Marshall was offered the work while unemployed and did what most of us would have done – he took on this highly lucrative work, which was paid in cash. He was instructed to show up at X airstrip at a certain time, and fly to Y, and no questions asked. However, this work happened nearly 30 years ago and it is presumably a stretch that his killing was related to events such a long time back.

    His area of research re. 9/11 was on the Saudi Arabian connection. As regards the Twin Towers, he was skeptical of the controlled demolition hypothesis, but he readily admitted that it was not his area of expertise. In fact, during September 2011 on the 10th anniversary commemoration of the attack while at Ground Zero, he admitted being “most perplexed” at the demise of WTC Building 7, so he was likely modifying his view on the Towers’ destruction. It is possible he may have ruffled some Saudi feathers, but if his and his kids’ execution was a Saudi hit, then why would our authorities (FBI etc.) and the media censor the facts to protect foreign agents at the expense of three innocent Americans?

    Many others who have researched 9/11 have also met violent/suspicious deaths, or lost their careers, such as the redoubtable Professor S. Jones who started this thread. There was NO MOTIVATION for Marshall to kill the two kids he doted over, yet there were a number of people who clearly wanted him out of the picture, including rogue elements within our own power structure. Similarly with 9/11, the motivation was clearly on the part of those who made out like bandits in the (pre-planned) responses to that attack.

    In the 2013 NDAA, Congress and Obama authorized the arbitrary targeted assassination of any American citizen, without reason, cause, justification, or without conducting a trial, on the grounds of “fighting terrorism”, be it real or imaginary (mostly the latter). When psychopaths reach positions of power (which sadly seems to be all too common these days), anyone is fair game… and all they have to do, if they want to terminate a person, is to fabricate a link to “al Qaeda”, and the victim is either murdered by the state, or forever tarred, with no way of clearing his/her name. As I mentioned in another thread: We’re all al Qaeda now.

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