Silverstein’s 9/11 Lawsuit Against Airline Continues…

FEBRUARY 3, 2012
Silverstein’s 9/11 Lawsuit Against Airline Continues
By Jacqueline Palank

One World Trade Center, 90 floors up so far and scheduled for completion in 2013.
Under a new agreement, the bankruptcy of American Airlines’ parent company won’t completely halt pending litigation from the World Trade Center’s developer over claims the carrier failed to prevent the hijacking of Flight 11 during the Sept. 11th terrorist attack.

In a long-running legal battle, World Trade Center developer Larry Silverstein has accused AMR Corp. and its American Airlines subsidiary of failure to put into place safeguards — such as securing the cockpit — to prevent terrorists from seizing control of its airplane. Flight 11 crashed into the site’s North Tower with 81 passengers and 11 crew members on board.

AMR’s Chapter 11 filing last November automatically put a stop to all pending litigation against the company, including the World Trade Center suit. But under the deal AMR filed in bankruptcy court Thursday, plaintiffs may continue pursuing injury and damage claims “solely to the extent of available and collectible [insurance] coverage.”

Court papers show the agreement, which isn’t subject to court approval, precludes plaintiffs from trying to recover for “intentional conduct or punitive damages.”

Silverstein’s company, which leased the Twin Towers and two other World Trade Center buildings from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, is seeking billions of dollars in damages for alleged negligence by the airline, according to the lawsuit. It is also seeking compensation for the lost rental income; the developer had signed 99-year leases for the space just two months before the attack.

The Silverstein lawsuit named additional defendants, including Boeing Co. The airplane manufacturer “defectively designed…the aircraft operated as Flight 11 by failing to install a system that would lock out unauthorized persons from the aircraft controls,” the suit contends.

AMR, American and Boeing have all denied the allegations of the litigation, which remained pending for other defendants even as AMR’s bankruptcy temporarily halted its involvement.

Silverstein Properties is now helping to rebuild the 16-acre World Trade Center site in Lower Manhattan. Its 52-story 7 World Trade Center building, to replace the building that collapsed after fires spread from the Twin Towers, opened in May 2006. It’s currently developing three more skyscrapers for the 16-acre site.

Construction also continues on the new One World Trade Center at a cost of $3.8 billion so far — making it by far the world’s most expensive new office tower, as the Journal’s Eliot Brown reported. The Port Authority is building the tower, which at 104 stories and 1,776 feet high will be the tallest building in the U.S. upon its expected completion at the end of 2013.…


UNCRITICAL MAINSTREAM MEDIA DRIVEL War Plan Iran: Endemic US/Israeli Double-Think Is Now “Normal Discourse”


By Finian Cunningham
Global Research, February 1, 2012

Thanks to a subservient mainstream media, we are now fed a constant diet of preposterous double-think from American political leaders and their Israeli minions with regard to Iran and its alleged threat to world security. In this inadvertently valuable service, the pliant uncritical mainstream media is giving full vent to the most outrageous drivel dressed up as serious discourse.

By acting as mouthpieces rather than critical interlocutors, the media are allowing such political figures to indict themselves with their own baseless, contradictory and hypocritical words. A few recent examples: Director of US National Intelligence James Clapper Jr in congressional testimony this week asserted that Iranian leaders are “now more willing to conduct an attack in the United States in response to real or perceived US actions that threaten the regime”.

The Washington Post reported the “intelligence” briefing with the headline: ‘Iran, perceiving threat from West, willing to attack on US soil, US intelligence report finds. Yet Clapper, the US nation’s supposed intelligence supremo, presents no evidence to support his reckless claim that Iranian forces are preparing such attacks. Indeed, the Washington Post notes in the same paragraph quoting the Director of National Intelligence: “US officials said they have seen no intelligence to indicate that Iran is actively plotting attacks on US soil.”

Then the paper goes on to amplify the unfounded accusations and assertions, by writing: “The warning about Iran’s more aggressive stance was included in written testimony that Clapper submitted to Congress”. Note how the paper in the space of few words moves effortlessly from acknowledging that there is no evidence to support Clapper’s claptrap premise to peddling the claptrap conclusion that Iran has taken a “more aggressive stance”.

Rather than taking Clapper to task to justify his hyperbole about Iranian “threats on American soil” and possibly misleading Congress and the American people, the Washington Post passively goes along with the flow of what appears to be out-and-out propaganda. This meekness and complicity of the media in conditioning public opinion for a baseless war on Iran has echoes of the elusive, non-existent weapons of mass destruction that US President George W. Bush and British Prime Minister were allowed to lie about by the same media for their criminal war on Iraq. But, as noted, this abject “churnalism” may eventually be a good thing. For it allows political leaders and their advisors to hang themselves with their own words.

Another recent star-turn on the propaganda stage was that of US Defense Secretary Leon E Panetta who told CBS 60 Minutes programme at the weekend that Iran may be “one year away” from acquiring an atomic bomb. “That’s a red line for us, and it’s a red line, obviously, for the Israelis,” said Panetta. Yet only a few weeks ago Panetta admitted on national media that Iran was not trying to build a nuclear weapon. “

Are they trying to develop a nuclear weapon? No,” he said then. However, in no time at all, Panetta has pirouetted over Iran, and yet the mainstream media permit the farce to be aired instead of ripping it apart, exposing what could be criminal misinformation. Only last week the pirouetting Panetta told the Wall Street Journal that the Pentagon needs to redesign its 30,000-pound bomb known as the Massive Ordnance Penetrator in order to take out Iranian nuclear facilities. US workers and their families will be throwing more of their taxes into the coffers of Lockheed Martin to facilitate the Pentagon’s phallic fantasies – all on account of lies and deception, or at least no evidence to provide a modicum of justification. Finally, Israeli President Shimon Peres weighs in with this ridiculous rant, given prominence by the Haaretz newspaper. This week Peres claimed that Iran’s ‘evil’ leaders cannot be allowed to obtain nuclear weapons, calling the Islamic Republic’s nuclear ambitions the world’s single most important issue, according to Haaretz.

“Nuclear weapons mustn’t be allowed to fall into the hands of Iran’s Ayatollah regime,” Peres said, calling Iran’s religious leadership the “most morally corrupt regime in the world… It is the duty of the international community to prevent evil and nuclear [weapons] from coming together. That is the obligations of most of the leaders of the free world, one which they must meet.”

Reality check. These are words from the leader of a country that has for decades violated international and committed systematic crimes against humanity on the Palestinian people; that has invaded and occupied foreign territories; that runs clandestine murder and terror operations in foreign states; and that, to boot, possesses up to 300 nuclear weapons in contravention of international law. This rogue, criminal state along with its patron in Washington is maligning another state over its legitimate pursuit of civilian nuclear energy and trying to precipitate a war that could most likely escalate into a global nuclear conflagration – all based on lies. Talk about lunatics running the asylum.

The propaganda fog over Iran in particular is becoming so thick it is almost laughable – because the political leaders who are spouting this fog don’t even seem to realize just how much they are tripping up over their own absurd statements. And thanks, in a way, to the pathetically servile mainstream media, the lies and deceptions of these political figures are being exposed for all their worthlessness and criminality.

Finian Cunningham is Global Research’s Middle East and East Africa Correspondent

Fiscal Hawk Blocks Federal Aid for 9/11 Memorial Museum

 Another September 11th-related funding clash is poised to erupt in Congress, as one fiscal hawk senator blocks a bill that would see $20 million in taxpayer funds go to the creation of the 9/11 Memorial Museum.

Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., who proudly wears the moniker of “Dr. No” due to his opposition to deficit spending, has refused to sanction the legislation in the wake of trillion dollar deficits that are now projected to continue through the current fiscal year and possibly beyond.

“Dr. Coburn believes we can best honor the heroism and sacrifices of 9/11 by making hard choices and reducing spending on less vital priorities rather than borrowing money,” Coburn spokesman John Hart tells Fox. “This funding dispute could be solved in minutes if the sponsors would look at the hundreds of billions of dollars in waste and duplication in the federal government that has been identified by the Government Accountability Office and others. Finding $20 million in savings is the least we can do to demonstrate that Congress also understands the value of service and sacrifice.”

The museum, largely funded by private donations, is designed to honor victims of and educate the public on the terrorists attacks of both September 11, 2001, as well as the February 26, 1993 World Trade Center bombing. Hart said the senator would ideally like to see private funds solely cover the cost of the project, much as happened with the Oklahoma City bombing memorial.

Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Dan Inouye, D-Hawaii, sponsored the 9/11 Museum bill in 2011 which he said was “to provide permanent authorization of funds to support the operations and maintenance of the Memorial and Museum.”

The chairman’s measure states that through the Interior Secretary, the federal government will take ownership of the site,” if approved by the Museum’s board, the Governor of the State of New York, the Governor of the State of New Jersey, and the Mayor of New York City.” It also stipulates that “all funds appropriated must be matched by non-Federal sources, with the resulting Federal share being about 33% or less of the overall budget of the Memorial and Museum.”

These are politically treacherous waters to navigate for Coburn – deficit reduction verses an emotionally-charged, 9/11-related project, but the senator, who plans to retire at the end of his term, has been here before and rarely shrinks from any fight over the debt.

Coburn initially opposed federal funding for first-responders injured by the toxic cleanup in the wake of the terrorist attacks. He eventually relented, though, after a vigorous campaign by supporters of the legislation.

Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-NY, a primary supporter of the federal museum effort, said he hopes his Republican colleague will step aside, once again.

“To his credit he sat down with us and moved beyond (his objections), and we hope it will happen again,” Schumer told reporters Wednesday, adding that federal funds were needed, because after talking with NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who is also the project’s chairman, “the very generous” private funding is “clearly not enough money. We hope Coburn will relent.”

The September 11th Memorial Museum is already receiving federal funding, though, through grants, and in the wake of damaging reports about golden parachutes for former project employees, Coburn could find support for his blockade.

The Wall Street Journal broke the news this week that at least one former employee of the memorial received a nearly $300,000 severance payout and that possibly others also scored lucrative packages. According to one report obtained by Fox, at least 10 former employees of the Memorial Museum received pricey payouts.

But Mayor Bloomberg defended the $300,000 severance deal this week at a news conference in Queens, saying, “It was a long time ago. It’s the only person that I’ve been able to find that had when they were hired for a variety of reasons were given a golden parachute.”

And Bloomberg’s spokeswoman, Julie Wood, told Fox Report’s Martin Finn Wednesday, “Like other memorials of national significance that receive federal funding, we believe the 9/11 Memorial and Museum deserves these funds. We’re grateful for the support of New York’s representatives in Washington as well as Sen. Inouye, who recognize what this funding will mean to the family members of victims the millions of visitors from around the country and the world who want to commemorate the tragic attacks.”

Still, this conflict shines a light on the exceedingly difficult situation in which lawmakers find themselves as they attempt to rein in and shrink the nation’s dangerously-high debt.

Read more:

Mossad Chief Secretly Met With Top U.S. Officials Including Sitting Senators


The Intel Hub
February 1, 2012

A clandestine Washington visit by Mossad Chief Tamir Pardo, in which he privately met with multiple Senators and other top officials, was revealed in testimony  during a hearing of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence attended by CIA director David Petraeus and Intel Chief James Clapper.

Apparently Pardo and the Senators who secretly met with him believe it imperative to met in secret to discuss Americas backing of an Israeli strike on Iran regardless of the opinion of the American people.

Israeli mainstream media giant Haaretz recently reported on these startling revelations:

Mossad chief Tamir Pardo held secret talks with top U.S. officials in recent days, cursory comments made during a public Senate hearing indicated on Tuesday.

The clandestine Washington visit was exposed during a hearing of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, which was participated by CIA Director David Petraeus, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, and Dianne Feinstein, who chairs the Senate panel.

During the meeting, Feinstein asked Clapper whether or not Israel intended to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities, with the top U.S. intelligence official answering that he would rather discuss the issue behind closed doors.

Feinstein then indicated that she had met Mossad chief Pardo earlier in the week in Washington, with Petraeus adding that he too met Pardo and cited what he called Israel’s growing concern over Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

During the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, US Intel Chief James Clapper also attempted to change the terrorism narrative, shifting the blame from al Qaeda to Iran.

In an article published by Kurt Nimmo for, this fact was outlined in detail as well as completely debunked:

“We are also concerned about Iranian plotting against U.S. or allied interests overseas. Iran’s willingness to sponsor future attacks in the United States or against our interests abroad probably will be shaped by Tehran’s evaluation of the costs it bears for the plot against the ambassador as well as Iranian leaders’ perceptions of U.S. threats against the regime,” Clapper testified.

Other alleged terrorist threats were sidelined during the hearing, including discussion of al-Qaeda, which officials claim “has been badly degraded.”

It is clear that the war drums have intensified and the probability of an attack on Iran by US and Israeli forces has increased exponentially.

Consider this – Right now a nuclear submarine is heading to the Persian Gulf and at least 100,000 US troops are ready to take part in a ground attack on Iran at any moment.

A Game As Old As History: The Globalist Hand Behind The Iranian Mullahs

“A coincidence is what you have left over when you apply a bad theory.” – Percy Williams Bridgman, an American physicist and winner of the 1946 Nobel Prize in Physics.

“And men are so naive, and so much dominated by immediate needs, that a skillful deceiver always finds plenty of people who will let themselves be deceived.” – Machiavelli, The Prince, pg. 62.

“Power is. . .one and indivisible; it is self-centered, self-willed, incorrigible, inaccessible to temptation or entreaty; interest is on its side, passion is on its side, prejudice is on its side, the name of religion is on its side; the qualms of conscience it is not subject to, for it is iron-nerved; humanity it is proof against, for it sets itself up above humanity; reason it does not hearken to, except that reason which panders to its will and flatters its pride. It pursues its steady way, its undeviating everlasting course, ‘unslacked of motion’, like that foul Indian idol, the Jaggernaut, and crushes poor upstart poets, patriots, and philosophers (the being of an hour) and the successive never-ending generations of fools and knaves, beneath its feet; and mankind bow their willing necks to the yoke, and eagerly cosign their children and their children’s children to be torn in pieces by its scythe, or trampled to death by the gay, gaudy, painted, blood-stained wheels of the grim idol of power!” – William Hazlitt, Toad-Eaters And Tyrants.

“But power is eternal; it is ‘enthroned in the hearts of Kings’. If you want the proofs, look at history, look at geography, look abroad; but do not look at home!

The power of an arbitrary King or an aspiring Minister does not increase with the liberty of the subject, but must be circumscribed by it. It is aggrandized by perpetual, systematic, insidious, or violent encroachments on popular freedom and natural right, as the sea gains upon the land by swallowing it up. – What then can we expect from the mild paternal sway of absolute power, and its sleek minions? What the world has always received at its hands, an abuse of power as vexatious, cowardly, and unrelenting, as the power itself was unprincipled, preposterous, and unjust. They who get wealth and power from the people, who drive them like cattle to slaughter or to market, ‘and levy cruel wars, wasting the earth’, they who wallow in luxury, while the people are ‘steeped in poverty to the very lips’, and bowed to the earth with unremitting labour, can have but little sympathy with those whose loss of liberty and property is their gain. What is it that the wealth of thousands is composed of? The tears, the sweat, and blood of millions. What is it that constitutes the glory of the Sovereigns of the earth? To have millions of men their slaves. Wherever the Government does not emanate (as in our own excellent Constitution) from the people, the principle of the Government, theesprit de corps, the point of honour, in all those connected with it, and raised by it to privileges above the law and above humanity, will be hatred to the people.” – William Hazlitt, What Is The People?

The mainstream history of the U.S.-Iranian conflict is that Iran’s democracy was destroyed in 1953 as a result of a British-U.S. coup that put the despotic Shah in power to obediently serve his colonial masters, an act which was avenged a generation later by the fiercely independent and militant Iranian mullahs, led by Ayatollah Khomeini.

This simplistic and narrow-minded narrative omits indisputable historical evidence which shows that Iran’s fundamentalist clerics have never been independent and militant vis-à-vis the West, but rather have remained subservient to U.S.-British geopolitical interests and goals in the region while pretending to represent the people of Iran and the religion of Islam.

Francisco Gil-White’s series of investigative articles at his website Historical and Investigative Research goes into great detail about the complicated relationship between the Anglo-American shadow ruling elite and the Iranian mullahs. His investigations feature many links to news articles and other historical material that prove his thesis that “US policy towards Iran has been pro-Islamist since 1979, and that the Islamist Iranian mullahs have been US assets from the start,” (The Big Picture: US policy towards Iran in the broadest historical perspective, January 5, 2006).

I cannot summarize what Francisco Gil-White has laid out in his articles. It is better if you read the following five articles to get the gist of his main arguments and analyze the evidence that he has gathered.

The Big Picture: US policy towards Iran in the broadest historical perspective, January 5, 2006.

How the United States Destroyed Democracy in Iran in 1953, January 5, 2006.

Grand Theater: The US, The PLO, and the Ayatollah Khomeini, December 10, 2005.

Why Bush Sr.’s 1991 Gulf War? To Protect Iranian Islamism, December 20, 2005.

If the Ayatollah Khomeini was an enemy of the United States ruling elite, why did he adopt the CIA’s security service? February 23, 2006.

In “The Big Picture,” article, Gil-White writes that “the basic structure of the relationship between the US and Iran did not change in 1979, with the exception that the puppet government in Iran, since 1979, has pretended in public to be an enemy of the US ruling elite.”

According to this narrative, the Iranian mullahs were hand-picked in the late 1970s to rule over a government that is still in a colonial relationship with America and Britain. The research done by Iranian political dissident Fara Mansoor, which I have highlighted before, backs up this narrative. Mansoor said that elements in the U.S. intelligence and foreign policy elite gained knowledge of the Shah’s cancer in 1975 after General Hossein Fardoust, the Shah’s right-hand man and longtime friend, informed then U.S. ambassador to Iran, Richard Helms.

The knowledge of the Shah’s cancer was political and intelligence gold, and it fell into the greedy hands of Helms, who was quick to use it to outmaneuver his political enemies abroad and at home. Helms was well experienced in secret espionage and engineering back-dealing conspiracies, having played a key role in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and the subsequent CIA cover-up. Trowbridge H. Ford lays out his history of deception and secrecy in his article, “Richard Helms: The Most Dangerous CIA Director.”

To learn more about the role played by Helms in ousting the Shah and bringing the black turbans of death to power in Iran, go through Mansoor’s research.

I’ve summarized some of his main findings in my articles: The British And U.S. Governments Installed Khomeini Into Power In 1979A Rigged Revolution: How The Shadow CIA-MI6 Network Put Khomeini And Militant Islamists in Power; and Hostage To False Flag Terror: The Link Between The October Surprise And The September Surprise.

Also, read Harry V. Martin’s article from 1995 called, “The real Iranian hostage story from the files of Fara Mansoor,” and listen to radio host Dave Emory’s 1993 interview with Mansoor on YouTube.

The investigative research done by Mansoor and Francisco Gil-White confirms my belief that the rulers of Iran and America are secret friends, and not in an innocent kind of way, but friends with very sinister plans for the future of the Middle East and the world.

Gil-White says the evidence of recent history suggests “that the US ruling elite perceived a geopolitical benefit to itself in strengthening the Iranian Islamists, and that Khomeini was always a US asset.” He added:

“From this point of view the US pulled off a masterstroke, because, although the Soviets were obviously not happy with Khomeini’s Islamism, they preferred anything to a US puppet on their border. Thus, by replacing the shah with Khomeini, who gave a convincing theatrical performance as a savage enemy of the United States, the US switched to a policy of destabilizing its Soviet rival with Islamist terrorism while appearing to fight the very ideology it was sponsoring. Brilliant.”

One of the biggest pieces of proof that exposes the secret political partnership between the Khomeini regime and the shadow CIA is that Khomeini did not destroy SAVAK, the hated Iranian secret police that was trained by the CIA, but merely changed the name. Gil-White wrote:

“Khomeini, immediately after taking power, absorbed SAVAK (i.e. the CIA) wholesale and made it his own repressive security service. Then, he provoked a war against Iraq, for which he would need US military equipment because Iran’s entire war materiel was US-made. The US ruling elite claimed in public to be an enemy of the new ‘Iranian government,’ and yet it gave this government $5.5 billion in money collected from the American taxpayers after Khomeini seized the US embassy in Tehran. Then, the US sent the mullahs billions worth in military equipment, every year, for the duration of the Iran-Iraq war. The new ‘Iranian government’ bought these arms with money collected with repression from the impoverished Iranians — the same impoverished Iranians who were sent to die in suicidal ‘human wave’ attacks on the Iraqi battlefront. As before, therefore, a repressive government in Iran was attacking the Iranian people and enriching the United States, and in particular the United States military industry.

This suggests the obvious hypothesis: Since Khomeini betrayed the Iranian revolution of 1979 by imposing Islamism in a coup d’état (more on this later), and since he behaved like a US asset (even if he talked like an enemy in public), then perhaps this ‘Iranian government,’ like the shah’s, has always belonged to the US. This would require the US to have a pro-Islamist policy, but as we have seen in the previous piece in this series, a mountain of evidence is strongly consistent with that hypothesis.”

It is an amazing fact that Khomeini kept General Hossein Fardoust around him to head his security services after having publicly criticized the Shah for using his security services to repress the Iranian people, which was headed by the same guy – General Fardoust.

History will record that the Great Satan in America gave birth to the Little Satan in Iran, and that Khomeini is one of history’s most evil liars. This man’s cursed body should be raised from his grave and thrown into the sea.

II. A Game As Old As History: The Globalist Hand Behind The Iranian Mullahs.

Why is this information so important? Because it shows that Iran’s Islamic regime is not independent and revolutionary. It just plays the role of the leader of the resistance bloc in the Middle East to rile up the masses of Iran and the Muslim world and spiritually prepare them for the Satanic slaughter in the coming War of Armageddon.

The Mullahs in Iran are fine with calling for a holy war against Israel because they won’t get their hands, beards, and turbans dirty. They’ll just sit back, preach to the faithful, and count their money like their fellow conspirators in Washington and Tel Aviv.

Iran’s Islamic rulers could be engaging in mass global political theatre, and secretly they are part of the globalist plan. Look at Iran’s masonic Parliament building. Is this evidence that the same gang is running the show? And watch this Iranian mullah throw up the Satanic hand sign at the 12 second mark in this video. Strange, right? Why would a so-called man of God use the symbolism of God’s greatest enemy on television? Does this demon think we’re all stupid?

It appears more and more that a Satanic cult of death basically runs the world. The Globalist-Islamist-Zionist conspiracy to create a new world order and a one world authoritarian government shows that nation states are meaningless to the corrupt ruling elites of America, England, France, Israel, and Iran.

There is no Western civilization. There is no Islamic Civilization. There are only power-mad and corrupt ruling elites who do evil in the name of America, the West, Israel, Iran, and Islam. Their crimes include engineering wars and conflict, wholesale looting of the public treasury and public assets, state terrorism, mass deception, torture, spying, murder of political dissidents, and violent repression of democratic protests.

The deception of the people by corrupt and heartless ruling elites for power, profit, and pleasure is a game as old as history.

The game works like this: Rulers of different but equally despotic kingdoms pretend to be enemies in public in order to fool their brainwashed slaves into thinking they are protecting them from foreign monsters and that to overthrow them is an act of treason. In such kingdoms, the iron will of the despotic rulers takes precedence over the rule of law. The people in the society are reduced to the status of slaves.

Globalist strategists in Washington and London were busy sowing the seeds of terrorism and Islamic radicalism in Iran, the Middle East, and Central Asia during the 1980s and 1990s. Then the false flag 9/11 attacks happened, and their plan for a one world Satanic order were set into motion. Their agenda is clear: total enslavement of the people of the planet. The people of the world are being scammed and led by the nose to the global slaughterhouse.

The secret global network of terror, treason, conspiracy, and villainy extends from Washington to London to Paris to Tel Aviv to Ankara to Tehran to Islamabad, and many other world capitals. It is one big circle jerk, and the people of every country are getting screwed, especially the American people, who are paying for World War III for the whole world with their annual income tax.

If the unconstitutional and evil income tax was not introduced to America in 1913 by the poisonous snakes behind the corrupt Federal Reserve System then America and the world would not be involved in this huge global catastrophe. A century later, history has proven that Woodrow Wilson made the world safe for financial tyranny, not democracy.

But, let’s go back to the U.S./Israeli-Iranian crisis. How did we get here? After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the raison d’être of U.S. policy for spreading Islamic terrorism and strengthening the Islamic Republic of Iran changed from countering the Soviet Union to establishing a new world order. As before, the clerical insiders in Tehran were happy to oblige.

And now in 2012 we’re sleepless on the doorsteps of hell, looking down into the abyss of World War III. At the bottom of the godless pit lies a monstrous and powerful beast called global authoritarian government that is planned to come into being after a fictitious and manufactured clash of civilizations is fought to the point of planetary suicide.

The Islamists in Iran, the Zionists in Israel, and the Globalists in America and the West are all perfectly playing their prepared roles in this grand hoax and world drama.

9/11 was not the last false flag event in this false clash of civilizations, and it won’t be remembered as the biggest act of staged terror by historians.

For the Pentagon’s Long War to continue indefinitely into the future, many must suffer, many must be sacrificed, many must die.

5 Reasons Obama is a Proven Stooge of the Elite

Dees Illustration

P.A. Farruggio
Activist Post

Ok, Barack, from one Brooklyn boy to one Chicago boy, let’s talk straight and pull no punches. I don’t care how nice of a guy you may be, or how intelligent and articulate… ya blew it kiddo! Just like with your predecessors, especially Clinton and Junior Bush, you simply are a stooge of the wizards who control this empire.

Now, having said that, I’m no fool Barack. I realize that a president does not have the power that our phony media and our hot air academics have been selling to us for who knows how long. I know that. Yet, even with all the conspiracy info that I possess, I do know that even the wizards cannot keep any president from making some headway against this empire of greed, war and imperialism if the president had the will to change things.

Here five things that prove to me that your “hope and change” was a fraud, and that you’re a stooge for the elite:

Continuing The Iraq & Afghanistan Debacles: You knew that our invasions and occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan went against every moral compass you claim to possess. You knew the Iraq thing was all about lies and disinformation. You knew we had no legal or moral justification to bomb the hell out of that country and then invade and occupy it. You could have told Congress and the American people that funding such a disgrace would bankrupt us financially and spiritually… as it has. As president, you could have and should have used the bully pulpit to alter the conversation and push for a withdrawal of forces and funds immediately.

Yes, you would have gotten slack from it, yet with folks like Republicans Ron Paul and Walter Jones, and Democrats like Dennis Kucinich and many others, the case would have been one of a bipartisan nature. The fact is, Barack, that most Americans would have agreed with you, despite the bought-and-paid for mainstream media with its phony left-and-right slants. As far as Afghanistan, this whole ‘get those who did 9/11’ (if they were even the real culprits) action should have been part of a United Nations policing effort… not a vendetta or revenge act of imperialism. By now you should realize that it really had very little, if at all, to do with Bin Laden or Al Qaeda. It was about extending our power to that region. History should have taught you, the scholar, that no foreigners have ever successfully colonized or occupied Afghanistan. How many of our own former military officers and CIA analysts do you need to tell you that?

Increasing Funding For This Military Empire: You have turned out to be the same as that jackass who you followed into the Oval Office. Instead of drawing down our 800+ bases worldwide and cutting this outrageous military spending, you give us halfhearted political stunts. The military spending last year was over 560 billion dollars…and that does not include the black budget that even you probably know very little about (so much for who runs things Barack). Ten years ago, the military spending was almost half of what it is now! We now spend, and you know this, Mr. President, 56 cents of every federal tax dollar on it… and you say we need economic stimulus!? Now, you are being forced, along with Congress, to cut spending. The plan you are selling us is a joke Barack, and you know it! It comes out to less than 8 % a year over 10 years. Ron Paul says all the cuts should be completed in one year! How many more foreclosures, lost jobs, homeless, hungry, medically untreated and underwater Americans need you see before you ‘Get it’?

Bailing Out the Rich and Not the Public: Have you seen the new film Margin Call yet? Watch it and understand what really went down, just in case your so called economic advisors have kept the truth from you. You could have stopped the TARP program, or at least put pressure on Congress to revamp it. How?

Well, that money could have gone to having Uncle Sam negotiate the purchase of all the bad mortgage paper at fire-sale prices. Then, the homeowners could have been given a choice to make a much lower payment each month, which would still go towards what they owed on the original mortgage. That way, even if it meant a longer time to finally repay the mortgage, the homeowner would not have to leave or lose the house. More important, the home would be off the market and all the rest of our homes would slowly increase in value. Instead, your advisors told you to continue the bailout of the rich investment sharks and let the rest of us struggle because of their recklessness.

Now, in a reelection bid, you say you finally ‘see the light’ and understand that the super rich need to contribute more by way of federal taxes. Yet, just like your phony party, you go ‘halfway’ on all good ideas.  Your way is to make sure those millionaires pay 30%. You must know that in 1960 when JFK took office, the top bracket for federal income tax was at 90%. When Reagan took office, I believe it was around 77%, we both know that no one actually pays that high a rate, what with how accountants can nibble away here and there. Why not a simple Surtax with NO deductions? You cannot do it because your wealthy handlers won’t like that Barack, would they? I bet even your new poster boy Warren Buffet would not go for that much leaving his pocket either.

Keeping Health Coverage With the Sharks: On this one you really blew it kiddo. You made sure that the Public Option of buying into Medicare was taken off the table. Why? Because it made sense! Instead, you push through this phony Health Care Reform (oxymoron) that not only opens the door for the Private Insurance cartel… it forces us all to go there! You really think that the clown who runs United Health Care, and made over $60 million in one year for himself, isn’t going to circumvent any reforms you push on his industry? Even if they were forced to cover pre-existing conditions and keep premiums reasonable (another oxymoron), they would simply raise co-pays and deductibles to the roof! Who knows what they would do concerning repayment schedules for the doctors and hospitals.

You blew it Barack! All you had to do is what Newnan, Georgia did in regard to cable television in the1990s.The franchised cable provider kept raising rates and playing games, so the town went into the cable business… nonprofit. Why couldn’t Uncle Sam simply offer any American under age 65 who wished to buy into Medicare to do just that? No reform bill, no nothing, just good old American spirit of competition. Oh, guess what? When Newnan, Ga. opened their own cable business, the private company decided to… lower rates and increase service.

Defense Authorization Act & Other Acts of Aggression: How dare you, the guy who spoke of ‘Hope and Change’, continue on the same course as the Bush gang? You send drone attacks into a sovereign nation, Pakistan, without approval of their government. These attacks kill many innocent civilians and destroy our good name. You allowed your NSA to authorize the bombing of Libya when it was involved in a manipulated civil war. You allow extraordinary rendition to continue. You allow Gitmo to stay open, and keep those prisoners from having their day in court. You push and sign this latest Defense Authorization Act that allows Uncle Sam to detain American citizens without the right of Habeas Corpus.

Who will determine whether someone is a terrorist or supporter of such groups? Let’s play the game What if: What if your daughter was friends with an Arab kid? This kid has a cousin who is on some terrorist watch list, and the cousin visits her here. Your daughter befriends the cousin, and sends and receives emails to him. She hangs out at parties at the cousin’s apartment etc. One night, the SWAT teams come and sweep all of them up in a raid. What if your daughter is not the daughter of the president, rather the daughter of a professor… a very ultra-liberal professor who speaks out quite a bit against Israel and our empire? Suddenly, the daughter is refused habeas corpus and detained… indefinitely. How can this still be called the land of the free?

Philip A Farruggio is son and grandson of Brooklyn, NYC longshoremen. He is a freelance columnist (usually found on the fine Dandelion Salad site), an environmental products sales rep and an activist. Since 2010, Philip is a spokesperson for the 25% Solution Movement to Save Our Cities by cutting military spending 25%. Philip can be reached at