Questions Saif Qaddafi Probably Won’t Be Asked

LaRouche PAC
November 23, 2011

“Saif Qaddafi Arrest Could Prove Embarrassing for Tony Blair,” Britain’s Daily Telegraph headlined a Nov. 20 story on the arrest of Qaddafi’s “most trusted son,” Saif. And not just Blair, the paper noted, but Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, too, was among the “host of high profile British figures who struck up a relationship with the Qaddafi regime.”

The U.K.’s top circulation daily, the Daily Mail, in its inimitable photographic and journalistic style, also dusted off earlier exposés from when the military assault on Libya began, of the intimate relations between top British figures and the now-murdered Qaddafi, his family, and particularly son Saif. Or as the Mail put it: “The Friends of Saif Who Will Be Hoping He Keeps Quiet.” The Mail listed leading members of the “powerful clique of politicians and businessmen who shamelessly courted him and his father’s brutal regime,” and “the key questions they might have to answer.”

Top on that list, is the British controller of President Obama, that fascist, former Prime Minister Tony Blair, whom Saif once described as a “personal family friend.”

Named also: Blair’s former cabinet minister, the infamous Lord Peter Mandelson (not nicknamed “Randy Mandy” for nothing); Lord Jacob Rothschild’s son, Nat; former London School of Economics (LSE) director Sir Howard Davies. And, yes, Prince Andrew, a regular vistor to Tripoli as Trade Ambassador, who invited Saif to stay at Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace.

In the past two days, Tony Blair’s former Attorney General Lord Goldsmith felt it necessary to speak out in Blair’s defense (a trivial “lapse of judgment”); Blair’s spokesman to issue a statement (“For the record, Tony Blair has only met Saif Qaddafi twice; on both occasions, there were officials and staff present.”); and Labour Party officials to insist that the 2004 Blair-Qaddafi “desert deal” was the right thing to do at the time.

No one is too worried, however. As the Mail noted, this next-to-last remaining Qaddafi son is likely to face the firing squad, after a convenient trial in Libya by the new rulers whom that same British Establishment just brought to power.