9/11 Truth News Included in Facebook’s New Political Censorship



Facebook has apparently implemented a new political censorship regimen, under the rubric of fighting spam. Either that, or their spam filter is in drastic need of overhaul.

On Monday, August 15, 9/11 Truth News contributor Jon Gold received a message from facebook informing him that his ability to post content to any page other than his own had been disabled. When attempting to add supplemental information to Naomi Wolf’s posting of Jason Leopold’s Richard Clarke article, Gold was informed by a pop up message:

Thinking this was perhaps an error, Gold logged out and then back into facebook.

When he again tried to post a comment, he received another warning.

Jon Gold wasn’t alone in having his posting privileges disabled.

The Addicting Info blog reported:

On Sun. Aug. 14, liberal page administrators and bloggers in my network started spreading the word that they had been blocked from posting ANY content on ANY other wall for 15 days. No prior warning was given.

The offenders are charged with posting links to news/opinion articles – such as this liberal’s guide to Republican talking points – a small number of times to LIKE-MINDED pages with which they regularly interact. (Some reported making posts to as few as 4 other pages before being suspended – for 15 days – with no warning!) I’ve also been alerted that Facebook has revoked some administrator’s posting privileges for sharing links to their liberal Facebook page on the walls of other liberal pages.

Ray Nowosielski, director of the film 9/11 Press For Truth and owner of the site secrecykills.com, reported receiving this message from a friend: “I’ve been trying to post the link for your page “Secrecy Kills” on some 9/11 related pages, and Facebook just blocked me,” adding that he was warned with the same messages as those received by others.

Jon Gold: “I haven’t changed my posting practices. Sure, I post a lot of information, but I’m never told not to by anyone whose wall I’ve posted on. I’d also like to point out that George Tenet lied to the 9/11 Commission.”