Porter Goss on the morning of 9/11

In an interview on the morning of 9/11 Porter Goss confirms they had envisioned using planes as weapons before 9/11. During his interview a loud BOOM can be heard. An ABC piece also confirms that George Bush and Condoleezza Rice had not been truthful in their statements.

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    Let's really breakdown the Porter Goss section of this vid from a bystander's point of view(at Pentagon). Pardon my poor geography of D.C., I'm learning.

    Let's also analyze the sound sequence at the point of impact(officially Flight77) at 9:37 and shortly after as captured in this Interview…

    Where is this interview being held? on Pentagon property?
    Which way is the camera facing?
    Can anyone identify other people in this vid? The plane appears to have traveled very near the people within camera view. The sound gets incredibly loud, ear piercing. Close enough to force them to look up. Unfortunately, their eyes don't appear to be locked on a specific thing in the sky. Sun glare seems to be a major problem at that location.

    At 0:48 seconds the Boom is heard, it isn't until 10 seconds later,0:58 the jet engine/whoosh sound enters. Is there a way that a plane could impact a building first, then the sound later reaches this interview location. Does the doppler effect work this way?

    Where there any confirmed military jets within 2 miles of the Pentagon? If what we hear in the video is military fighter jet flying by, why wasn't Flight 77 intercepted in it's long(time)banking 360 turn over a hour after the WTC was hit?

    What does the fly-by plane sound like to you? a fighter jet aircraft? or large commercial plane?

    I think it's fascinating, the fact that Flight 77 came out of it's long banked 360 spiral, heading Due EAST! Heading directly into the blinding morning glare. Anyone who gazed East would struggle to look, even with sunglasses. Trust me, I spent 4 years driving due East in the mornings on the way to work in the big city. I do understand this is might just one be one small part of the Hundreds of distractions going on the morning of 9/11. moving on…

    We could agree that this Porter Goss interview was recording live at point of Pentagon impact aka “Boom”, correct?

    With help from a FOIA,
    Pilots for 9/11 truth also raised a big question about the True Altitude at impact of Flight77 versus pressure altitude. The pilots have argued, at last point of data transmission, the plane was to high to impact the Pentagon. As in my earlier post, they have also concluded that the NTSB Flight path of #77 was different than eyewitness testimony.

    I would really like someone to debate this with me. I know I am a newb, but try me. I'm not scared of being wrong.

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