Howard Zinn Dies

Breaking: Howard Zinn Dies

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Wed Jan 27, 2010 at 03:31:44 PM PST

I know many DKos residents hold Dr. Zinn in high regard and would want to here the news. I took one of his course at BU and it was more than inspiring and enlightening.
From the Boston Globe:

“His writings have changed the consciousness of a generation, and helped open new paths to understanding and its crucial meaning for our lives,” Noam Chomsky, the left-wing activist and MIT professor, once wrote of Dr. Zinn. “When action has been called for, one could always be confident that he would be on the front lines, an example and trustworthy guide.”

May he rest in peace.


Portrait of a backup singer : Expose’s Ann Curless

” I am not posting this information for any other reason then i can” – Emptyhell

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Ann Curless

Curless singing at the Exposé reunion concert in 2007
Background information
Birth name Ann Katherine Curless
Born October 7, 1964 (1964-10-07) (age 45)
Origin Amsterdam, New York
Genres Dance-pop, House, Hi-NRG, Dance Music, Adult Contemporary
Occupations Vocalist, Songwriter
Instruments Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar
Years active 1986 – Present
Labels Arista Records (1986-1996)
Associated acts Exposé

Ann Curless-Weiss (born Ann Katherine Curless, October 7, 1964, in Albany, New York) is a popular music singer, most notable for being a member of Exposé.

[edit] Education

Curless was raised in Miami Beach, Florida and attended school there. During her years attending Miami Beach High School, she joined Doug BurrisRock Ensemble, and was a member of this from 1979-1982.
She enrolled in the highly respected University of Miami Frost School of Music, majoring in both Music and Music Merchandising. After graduating from the University of Miami, she started her music career in cover bands until she was asked to join Exposé in 1986. She was the last member to join the “Arista lineup”, and was introduced to Jeanette Jurado and Gioia Bruno at a Mexican restaurant in Miami.

[edit] Musical career

She was active in Exposé from 1986-1996, singing lead on the hit singles “Stop, Listen, Look and Think”, “As Long as I Can Dream”, and “In Walked Love”. After Exposé released their greatest hits album, she kept a low profile and worked on various projects. Curless has appeared in a local South Florida production of the musical Chess, and has performed vocals on several dance-music projects; one called Clueless (miscredited as “Anne Curless”), another called the K&M Project for a remake of the Donna Summer song Heaven Knows, worked with producer JJ on the song Come to Me, and worked with producer Vinny Vero on a few tracks. She has also written for other artists, including Degrees of Motion, Celie Bee, and Angelina Bofill in addition to working on a charity project called Songs of Love.
Curless was formerly married to George Hess in the early 1990s, a former dance music executive at RCA/Arista Records. She has since remarried and has three children. In 2006, Curless renewed connections with the other members of Exposé and is now touring with the group. Their first performance since 2003 was on October 21, 2006 as part of the “Freestyle Explosion” concert at the AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami, Florida.

Remember Dr. David Kelly?

Remember Dr. David Kelly?

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Sun Jan 24, 2010 at 02:12:10 AM PST

70-year gag on Kelly death evidence (Dr. David Kelly)
Now, I’m up late tonight (Saturday in the Pacific Northwest about 2 am).  I’m just splurging on Net News, linking from site to site, when I catch this fairly short – but somewhat alarming bit.
Who was Dr. David Kelly?  I remembered, and it’s likely why I clicked the link and read the story anyway.
Dr. David Kelly worked for the Ministry of Defense/U.K. as an expert in bio-weapons. He was also one of the key UN weapons inspectors in Iraq.
He was found dead near his home in the midst of the brouhaha about Weapons of Mass Destruction and the forging ahead with the initial US invasion of Iraq in 2003. It was portrayed as a suicide.
The Ministry of Justice said decisions on the evidence were a matter for Lord Hutton.
Today, the British news site, The London Evening Standard ran this story: 
70-year gag on Kelly death evidence
The brunt of the story?
If Dr. Kelly had committed suicide, as had originally been the official cause of death, then what could possibly bring about a 70 year gag order on the investigation and 30 years on documents related to it, but not entered into evidence?
If it was a murder, in whose best interests would it be to lock the case up for 70 years (long enough that anyone involved would be long dead and beyond the reach of the Law).
Dr. Kelly had been exposed to the media in much the same way that Valerie Plame’s identity was revealed in the United States (The Plame Affair).
Lord Hutton’s report in 2004 concluded that Dr Kelly killed himself by cutting an artery in his wrist. But the finding has been challenged by doctors who claim that the weapons inspector’s stated injuries were not serious enough.
One of the doctors seeking a full inquest, former assistant coroner Michael Powers, told the Mail on Sunday he had seen a letter from the legal team of Oxfordshire County Council explaining the unusual restrictions placed by Lord Hutton on material relating to his inquiry.
The letter states: “Lord Hutton made a request for the records provided to the inquiry, not produced in evidence, to be closed for 30 years, and that medical (including post-mortem) reports and photographs be closed for 70 years.”
Dr Powers asked: “Supposedly all evidence relevant to the cause of death has been heard in public at the time of Lord Hutton’s inquiry. If these secret reports support the suicide finding, what could they contain that could be so sensitive?”
What in the world could be behind these results?
What information could necessitate a 30-70 year stay in a lockbox?
What doesn’t the British Government not want the world to know?
In an era when all the terrible secrecy and mayhem is being laid at the feet of my nation’s military and intelligence bureaus, it’s, sadly, almost a relief to see that elsewhere in the world someone’s up to something no good, too.