Video: Wolfgang Halbig’s 4/24/15 Hearing Before the Connecticut FOI Commission

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“I don’t believe you. I don’t trust you.” -Wolfgang Halbig to Newtown attorney Monte Frank before the Connecticut FOI Commission, 4/24/15


wabc_102513_sandy-hook-8 Destruction of Evidence: Sandy Hook Elementary School being torn down in 2013.

On April 22, 2015 Wolfgang Halbig traveled to Connecticut to meet with his attorney Kay Wilson and confront Newtown and Connecticut officials withholding information pertinent to Halbig’s numerous public records requests. This hearing transpired on April 24 and is presented in the four hour video below. The video is of limited quality yet includes intermittent analysis of the hearing by members of Max Resistance.

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False dilemma

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A false dilemma, or false dichotomy, is a logical fallacy that involves presenting two opposing views, options or outcomes in such a way that they seem to be the only possibilities: that is, if one is true, the other must be false, or, more typically, if you do not accept one then the other must be accepted. The reality in most cases is that there are many in-between or other alternative options, not just two mutually exclusive ones.

The logical form of this fallacy is as follows:

Premise 1: Either Claim X is true or Claim Y is true (when claims X and Y could both be false).

Premise 2: Claim Y is false.

Conclusion: Therefore Claim X is true.

This line of reasoning is fallacious because if both claims could be false, then it cannot be inferred that one is true because the other is false. This is…

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* Kenneth J. Dillon’s FOIA April 18, 2015 request to FBI for materials from September and October 2001 not previously produced

* Judith Miller addresses her anthrax reporting in “The Story: A Reporter’s Journey” (April, 2015) ; she reports that both Bush and Cheney were vaccinated against smallpox and anthrax