A Letter to ABC News Radio [The Public Broadcaster in Australia] Explaining that Trump is Right about Obama and Hillary’s Support for ISIS — Debunking the Debunkers

Dear lie-pushing dipshits,Trump is right about Hillary and Obama supporting ISIS. It is an open secret backed by many sources of information. [This is a reaction to criticism of Trump aired on News Radio on 12/8].The support has largely been organised via proxy although the US directly supported pre-cursor groups to ISIS in 2012 in Jordan (where,…

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False-Flag Events. — The GOLDEN RULE

There is a wealth of internet information dealing with staged events, often called “psy-ops”. ” Psychological operations (PSYOP) are planned operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of governments, organizations, groups, and individuals. ” https://en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Psychological_Operations_(United_States) A more common term […]

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9/11 and the Zionist Question: Is Noam Chomsky a Disinfo Agent for Israel?

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A Public Intellectual Outside the Protections of the Academy

The Kevin Barrett-Chomsky Dispute in Historical Perspective – Eights part of the series titled “9/11 and the Zionist Question”
Read the seventh part here.

Prof. Tony Hall
Editor In Chief, American Herald Tribune
Co-Host, False Flag Weekly News

Kevin-Barrett_dd126Not one aspect of the officially authorized account of 9/11 has been able to withstand the test of close scrutiny by the best of the citizen investigators in the 9/11 Truth Movement. The crude vacuity of the ongoing 9/11 cover up can be seen as powerful evidence that many of our governors have much to hide about their own roles in the lies and crimes of 9/11 and in the subsequent onslaughts of state terror to which the original misrepresentations gave rise.

The persecution of Kevin Barrett in 2006 for doing his job as a conscientious Islamic Studies teacher can be seen in…

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7 Unanswered Questions About the 28 Pages Declassification — Debunking the Debunkers

7 Unanswered Questions About the 28 Pages Declassificationby editor28pagesTwo weeks ago, after a declassification review led by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), the congressional intelligence committees finally released 28 pages from a joint congressional inquiry that outline a wide variety of connections between Saudi government officials, members of the Saudi royal family, suspected Saudi intelligence…

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Barack Obama Worked For The CIA – John Pilger [VIDEO] — Scoop Feed

Originally posted on YOUR PERCEPTION IS NOT REALITY: ? Uploaded on Oct 31, 2009 Can President Obama be serious when he says he accepts the Nobel Peace Prize as an affirmation of American leadership on behalf of aspirations held by people of all nations? Among all nations does he include the people of Iraq? Polls…

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DNC Email Hack: A Portrait of Graft and Conspiracy

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Nixon Impeached for Far Less

REDDIT / Wikileaks

dnc-hillaryDNC conspiring to create false Trump information and release with Reuters.https://wikileaks.org/dnc-emails/emailid/7102

DNC Hillary supporters infiltrated Sanders campaign.https://wikileaks.org/dnc-emails/emailid/4776

DNC making fun of black woman’s name.https://wikileaks.org/dnc-emails/emailid/17942

DNC member killing horses for insurance money. https://wikileaks.org/dnc-emails/emailid/578

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28 pages reveals – some alleged hijackers were US Intelligence assets .

Written by Khalid

An additional interesting discovery found in the 28 pages.  There were some alleged hijackers (not that they were actually aware of the 9/11 plan) that had been US Intelligence assets (not just Saudi assets).  The U.S. Air Force claimed that they were not U.S. Intelligence Assets, even though the names coincidentally matched students listed at U.S. military schools.  The U.S. Air Force claimed that their names were the same names, but it was just a coincidence, they claimed.

Now reading the 28 Pages, I see that the U.S. Intelligence assets who were being trained at Pensacola Florida Air Force base were companions together, long before 9/11 as they were prepared to be framed for the WTC attacks.  Meaning, the coincidence of the same name is now a bigger coincidence: 3 guys with the same name as those are the Pensacola Air Force base, and also, not random names of randomly scattered 19 hijackers, but the hijackers that were living/working together, meaning, the odds of this coincidence just bounced into 0% probability that these hijackers are not the same as the assets for U.S. Air Force.  To put it another way, if I say I know a person named John Austin and a separate person named Jane Smithers, and you say you have met a John Austin and separately met a Jane Smithers, maybe they are both the same people, but its maybe an unlikely coincidence and they are not the same people, its a small possibility.  But if I say that I met a married couple named John Austin and Jane Smithers, and you say you also met a married couple with those names, it is much less likely just a coincidence, the odds of it being a coincidence are mathematically reduced severely.

I think this proves that some of the hijackers were training on U.S. Air Force bases as stated in this Washington Post article that has long-ago since been removed from their website, so they are U.S. intelligence assets, not just Saudi assets:

http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/nation/specials/attacked/A38270-2001Sep15.html (link is external)

2nd Witness Arrested; 25 Held for Questioning

By Guy Gugliotta and David S. Fallis
Washington Post Staff Writers
Sunday, September 16, 2001; Page A29

…Two of 19 suspects named by the FBI, Saeed Alghamdi and Ahmed Alghamdi, have the same names as men listed at a housing facility for foreign military trainees at Pensacola. Two others, Hamza Alghamdi and Ahmed Alnami, have names similar to individuals listed in public records as using the same address inside the base.  [ These first 3 hijackers are companions, listed on page 432 of the 28 pages ]